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Cognitive Therapy and Weight Reduction (CBT)
is the missing ingredient to keeping excess pounds off forever!


CBT is more effective than diet and exercise regimes on their own because it works at the underlying core issues which perpetuate these gain loss cycles.


By treating the underlying causes of these patterns clients are appreciably less prone to relapse.

Weight reduction in Britain is a multi-billion pound industry.

The problem with both dieting and exercise programmes is that, on their own, they do not work with the underlying reasons why people constantly lose weight only to regain it and end up with a larger body mass index than at the commencement of these programmes.

At any one time, it is estimated that over two thirds of British women in total are on a slimming regime.

Scientific research in the United States shows that patterns of comfort eating of high carbohydrate and fat rich foods begin in childhood where stress and emotional pain and their concomitant reduction of these chemicals in the brain (cortisol, serotonin uptake, endorphin or natural morphine response in the brain, moradrenal) are greatly reduced after eating high calorie, high fat foods.

Lawsuits in the US are aimed at the leading fast food chains because of the 'feel good' factor and the addictive quality the ingestion that these foods have.

Childhood behaviour patterns to reduce stress and emotional pain are carried through into adulthood, and are reinforced because they are effective in the short term in reducing the symptoms associated with low mood. It is only one of the reasons people over-eat.

  • What is CBT?

  • In a society which over-emphasises slimness as the way to success, love and personal happiness, even in childhood, the relationship between self worth and a positive self image are strongly correlated with body image, and problems begin with the internalisation of these values with their relationship and meaning of food in itself.

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In a nutshell, this constant striving to measure up yo-yo's between dieting and a series of self-governing rules of what is expected in order to be good enough, fit in and be part of the social expectations of their group, and the inevitable failure to keep these strict eating regimes up. This results in the devaluation of the self and the feelings of failure, worthlessness and self esteem problems because of self worth which is conditional on meeting these unrelenting standards.

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